Monday, July 7, 2008

Fargo Advertising & Marketing

... in 25 words or less in Fargo North Dakota:

Oreginal Designs and Company. Branding gurus. Since 2001, product, company naming, advertising, design, SEO. Googleable websites. Fargo North Dakota office. Creative, strategic disrupters. Blah, blah, blah.

That's enough about us. More important, what can we do for you?
Brand Builders“We’re ready to take our business to the next level in Fargo Moorhead”

Time to hire Brand Builders, with practical tools to rejuvenate your marketing: strategic branding, advertising, findability, website redesign, search engine optimization (SEO) . Perhaps sponsored search, all ways to put profitable distance between you and those pesky competitors. Or savvy media budgeting to turn advertising expenses into investments. Tell us about it.

Brand Architects“We have a new venture ...” Mazel tov. You need Brand Architects, such as Oreginal Designs & Company, to help you blueprint a strategy, design memorable and relevant company names, construct a differentiated brand to propel you beyond your competitors. Check out our White Paper on branding and/or lessons from armpits and/or new product development, then call brand architect Jim at (701) 729-3824.
Brand Plumbers“Our brand sprang a leak”

Call in the Brand Plumbers. Are new competitors seeping into your market? Is a campaign swirling down the drain? Did you inherit a no-growth brand, leaking share or margins? Don’t wait until the red ink rises up to your uvula. Dial up Oreginal Designs & Company. A nimble, responsive agency, not at all like dealing with the dead. Sounds like time to take the plunge(r), so call brand plumber John at (701) 261-1804.
Brand Exorcists“Our brand is going to Hell.”

Uh-oh. You need luck, pal, if your brand is CTD* (as they scribble on hospital charts). Before resorting to prayer, reading the entrails of goats, or discounting (three 50%-effective forms of wishful thinking), let our Brand Exorcists dispatch the demons that devalue your brand assets. You need more than a last-century tactical ad agency: ask for strategic turnaround help at (701) 261-1804. *Circling The Drain.
WebSites Built Right - Priced Right. Fargo, North Dakota
Why Circle the Drain?

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